William Chamberlain, 78, told how he was able to win the grand prize by purchasing a ticket from an unlikely place.

Chamberlain used an online lottery platform to buy three $5 Fantasy Five tickets.

"The following day, when I signed into my account, I noticed a message regarding claiming my prize. The man told MI Lottery Connect that I discovered my account balance was $751,265 at that time.

He called the Michigan lottery office after informing his wife that his account must be in error.

Purchasing lottery tickets online is a simple method to participate without needing to visit a convenience store.

The preferred selection of online lottery sellers is identical to that of a neighbourhood deli.

Chamberlain got his tickets from MichiganLottery.com, which features boxes with the most current jackpot amounts, drawing dates, and winning numbers.

The three-quarters of a million dollars Chamberlain earned online will be used to pay off some debt and bolster his savings.

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