YouTuber Gaurav Taneja (flying beast) was arrested when his fans gathered at the Noida Sector 51 metro to celebrate his birthday and has since been given bail.

After his supporters showed up in large numbers at a metro station in Noida to celebrate his birthday at his request, Taneja was detained yesterday under Section 188.

Taneja reserved a metro coach to celebrate his birthday, and his wife, Ritu Rathee Taneja, is said to have sent out invitations to her fans

To control the situation, Noida Sector 49 Police had to hurry to the Sector 51 metro station where thousands of fans had gathered to see the YouTuber.

Taneja was arrested on suspicion of breaking Noida's applicable sections 144 and 188 of the CrPC

Curiously, his arrest made the hashtag #flyingbeast popular on Twitter.

Gaurav Taneja has millions of followers across his three channels: "Flying Beast," "Fit Muscle TV," and "Rasbhari Ke Papa."