Gas tax refund checks will be sent to millions of Californians as "inflation relief."

A $17 billion inflation relief programme may provide payouts of up to $1,050 to each of the approximately 23 million qualified Californians.

Drivers in California are subject to the national average of $6.32 per gallon of gasoline.

As soon as the structure for the 2022–23 state budget is agreed upon, California Governor Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders will disperse the funds.

Georgia and Maryland have both passed bills to pause their state gas taxes.

The state sales tax on diesel is also suspended as part of the new accord in California.

Since the subsidies would only be distributed to citizens who make a particular amount of money each year, some of California's budget surplus—a record-breaking $97 billion—will go to taxpayers.

The budget would leave $37.1 billion in the states' savings accounts to help them get ready for a potential slump in the economy.

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