In June, rising gas, food, and rent costs drove U.S. inflation to its highest level in four decades.

The government reported that consumer prices increased 9.1% from a year ago, which is higher than the 8.6% increase in May

From 2021 gasolin price has increased 59.9% , energy prices rose by 41.6%

Prices for food increased 12.2 percent in the past year, with increases in eggs (33.1%), butter (21.3%), milk (16.4%), chicken (18.6%), and coffee (15.8%). Housing costs increased by 5.6%.

. After prices jumped 1 percent from April to May, prices increased another significant amount, 1.3 percent on a monthly basis, from May to June.

Black and Hispanic Americans and those with lower incomes have been particularly badly hit since a disproportionate amount of their money is spent on necessities like housing, transportation, and food.

Consumer confidence in the economy has sharply declined as a result of the inflation's unrelenting rise.